Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Plan is for our returning customers only. (Offers not valid for new customers.)

Why Would I Need A Preventative Maintenance Plan?


Help Your System Work At it's Highest Efficiency

Yearly cleaning of your heating and cooling systems' components, such as vents, returns, and main lines, will help remove the build up of toxic dust and debris in your unit, and in your home. Having clean and clear components  and airways will allow your system to work effortlessly, resulting in a longer operating life and improved efficiency. 


Prevent Equipment Failure Before it Ever Happens

Why wait for your system to get clogged and go through the time, money, and hassle of replacing damaged components for your HVAC Unit or Dryer? Instead, sign up for a Preventative Maintenance Plan and stop malfunctions before they happen. Having our team of knowledgable technicians come to your home on an annual basis will ensure each and every part is cleaned and working properly. 


You Save Time

You dust and clean your home on Saturday and by Tuesday it looks like you haven't dusted in weeks! Sounds familiar? Luckily there is a simple solution; Kirk's Air Duct Cleaning. Every time you open a door or window new dust and dirt is introduced into your indoor air environment. This dust and dirt has no exit strategy and will circulate through your home, and continue to build up until removed. Scheduling regular cleanings will help eliminate the time consuming hassle of weekly dustings. After our technicians are done with the air duct cleaning, you will be amazed and relieved at the clean appearance and dust-free environment.


You Save Money

The sensitive mechanical components which make up your HVAC unit are under constant borage of blowing dust laden air throughout your home. This in turn causes your system to work harder, eating up a lot of unnecessary energy, and resulting as high monthly energy bills. The cost of an air duct cleaning far outweighs the cost of repairing or replacing your system, and far less than the annual cost of health problems caused by a dirty system.

Kirk's Duct Cleaning will not only restore your air duct system to “like new” condition, adding years of extended life, but also give you peace of mind for your family's health, and extra money in your pocket every month from the energy savings. 


Complete Cleaning of The Entire System

Avoid those lowball, bait and switch offers. Companies offering a super low price on air duct cleaning could do more harm than good. Kirk's Cleaning is proud of our straight forward attitude and communication we have with all of our customers, even before we come out.  The fact of the matter is; the average air duct cleaning for most homes costs anywhere between $300 and $500, with pricing affected by factors like the square footage, the number & configuration of ducts, how many systems your home has, and what type of cleaning your system needs. 

Air Duct, Dryer Vent & Chimney Cleaning

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